5 Pitfalls To Avoid Wasting Your Money on Facebook Advertising

1. Don’t waste your money on everyone

I’ve seen companies literally waste tens of thousands of pounds in creating the perfect advert, sending it to hundreds of thousands of people and not seeing hardly any return on their investment.

Don’t be generic with your ad spend!

Before you begin it may sound simple, but really and I mean REALLY, do your research.

Identify your customers, or if you’re new, begin making new customer profiles and I’m not simply talking about ‘Men, aged 18-25 who like fast cars’ for example.

Think about your customers and clients who have spent money with you in the past.

Think about what they do for a living, how much they earn in a year.

Where do they live, what social groups do they hang out in.

And when you’ve done all of that, take 80 percent of these answers and throw them in the bin.

Yes, that’s right. Discard them.

As many you will have heard somewhere at some point, there’s this thing called the Pareto principle. It basically states that 80% of your income will be generated by 20% of your customers.

This is a rule that simply works time and time again – stocks & shares and general wealth spread throughout the world.

So, let’s go back to that list.

Of the demographics you’ve identified, the interests, the pain points. Focus on the top 20% that make up the majority of sales in your company. These are the ones to study. Let’s concentrate on them.

These are the people you should be targeting.

2. Don’t make your ads about selling

Erm, hang on. I thought this was going to help me sell stuff and make money?

It is. But first, you need to get their attention.

Statistically, 3% of the people on Facebook who see your advert are already looking to buy. That’s the low hanging fruit.

Those sales cost you nothing.

Those people will become your customer straight away, if the price is right. They are primed and ready. They are just looking for the link.

But what about the other 97%?

A good portion of these remaining 97% don’t want to buy anything – from you at least.

Another good chunk doesn’t even need to buy anything.

And then, there’s some that may want to buy, but they don’t trust you.

You see, trust is a big thing to anyone parting with their money.

How do they know that you can give them what they want?

There’s a reason that testimonials on websites work.

Why companies like Trust Pilot and Revoo are so well used.

So, instead of simply going for the hard sell, simply catch their attention and take them on a journey.

Make your Advert all about the headline.

When’s the last time you were surfing the web, looking for something and a fancy headline from Taboola suddenly meant you had to stop what you were doing and take a quick read?

Before you knew it, you’d spent 10 minutes watching videos and reading a bunch of articles that you never intended to… 10 minutes ago.


It was the headline, the image. It captivated. It was…well intriguing.

Guess what?

Go and do the same with you Ad titles, copy and images.

Make it personal, make it intriguing.

Don’t go for the hard sell.

3. Don’t expect to get without giving

So, someone clicked on your advert.

Well done! What’s next?

Give them something for free…


Yes, give them something – some free advice, some helpful insights that will bring that trust and help them a little. People love random acts of kindness.

So, how do I do this?

First, you need to create a landing page and expand on that ‘Headline’ you came up with.

It needs to be eye-catching, engaging and make them believe that this is the secret formula they’ve been searching for.

Then extend it up with content that ‘goes towards’ answering the advert they clicked on and continues to further intrigue them.

And then, give them a little more… Like a series of emails, a PDF how-to guide, a product sample for example.

But here’s the thing.

If you are going to give something for free, you must ask them for something in return, like their email address or telephone number. You see, most people who you offer to give something for nothing are going to be happy to give you one small thing in return.

4. Don’t forget to say thank you

So first, let’s recap quickly:

You’ve researched your key customers that make you the most money

You’ve created a targeted Facebook Ad for these individuals, but you’ve merely enticed them

You’ve brought them to a landing page and given them something for free


Let’s be polite, enhance the user experience and say thank you for downloading and providing a way to get in touch.


Offer them something that they cannot refuse.

Something that hits their pain points in the face, and which makes them say, “How can I refuse?”

Offer a free trial, a guarantee, a realistic time limit that somethings going to expire or run out, moneyback, you can’t lose… You get the picture.

Ask them to call you – put your contact details front and centre.

Place your product offer right in front of them and watch what happens.

From their point of view:

They were browsing the web

They saw an advert and it grabbed their attention

They could connect with the pain point and were greatful that you could give them some free advice

They downloaded some free content or are being sent something.

And what did they have to do – not much, just fill in a form with a couple of their details.

So, do they now trust you? More than likely.

Do they want what you can offer them? Yes, if you’ve structured this right.

So, what are they waiting for?

If you’ve done this right, you’ve managed to tap into that 97% of people who weren’t looking to buy and taken them on a journey to become a new customer or client of yours.

And anyway, if they don’t go for it there and then, you can follow this up with an email or phone call to see how they are getting on.

5. Oh yeah, that’s the last point. Don’t forget to follow up

If you want to learn more about email marketing ideas stay tuned for our next article…

If we’ve struck a chord and you’re thinking you’d like to put this into practice, I’d be more than happy to have a chat as to how I and my team could help you.

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